Elena A. Panfilova

Elena A. Panfilova is from Russia. She is an inspiring activist and established researcher in charge of the Laboratory for Anti-Corruption Policy. Elena is also Vice-chair of TI’s International Board of Directors and Chair of TI Russia.

Elena was elected to Transparency International’s International Board of Directors for the first time in 2011. She is also the chair of the Center for Anti-corruption Research and Initiative Transparency International, TI’s Russian chapter, which she founded in 1999. She served as its Executive Director until July 2014, when she became the Chapter’s Chair. She has been an academic, consultant and activist, held positions in the OECD and the Institute for Economy in Transition, and became a member of the Russian Governmental Commission on Open Government. In August 2014, she became head of the Laboratory for Anti-Corruption Policy (which she founded in 2008), working to promote transparency and civil society. Since 2007, she has taught anti-corruption at the State University Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

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