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Anastasiya Kozlovtseva

Anastasiya Kozlovtseva is a Program Officer at Open Government Partnership.

Anastasiya joined the Open Government Partnership Support Unit as a program officer for the Eastern Partnership program. Prior to OGP she was a Head of International Relations & Development at Transparency International Ukraine. In 2013-2016 she has coordinated projects related to good governance and Open Government Partnership and since September 2017 became a Head of International Relations at TI Ukraine. Anastasiya was responsible for donor and international affairs, advocacy among the international community including main strategic partners of Ukraine. She coordinated cooperation with other chapters of Transparency International and its headquarters as well as development of new programs in the organization.

She has spoken on behalf of TI Ukraine at conferences in more than 10 countries representing its most successful programs such as development of e-procurement and e-sales systems ProZorro and ProZorro.Sale as well as monitoring ecosystem DOZORRO that uses risk indicators powered by AI as well as achievement of Ukraine in fighting corruption. Anastasiya has a Master of Public Administration degree from Ukrainian Catholic University and a BA in Business Administration from LCC International University in Lithuania.

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