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Eduardo Bohórquez

Eduardo Bohórquez is from Mexico. He is the Executive Director of Transparencia Mexicana. 

Eduardo has led the development of various initiatives and tools aimed at linking the power of data to citizens’ actions in order to address corruption and impunity.

Bohorquez  played a key role in Mexico’s first access to information law. In addition, Eduardo has successfully taken on the challenge of consolidating the work of the first organization that pioneered on the fight against corruption in the country. For instance, one of Transparencia Mexicana’s initiatives brought together over 634,000 citizens to change Mexico’s anti-corruption laws and he was designated as the liaison of academia, private sector and civil society for the construction of the National Anti-corruption System (2014-2016).

Director of Transparencia Mexicana has been awarded with the Open Government Global Prize for his contribution in transforming the integrity of daycare nurseries in the National Social Security Institute (IMSS).

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