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Jorge Valladares

Jorge is the Political Integrity Policy Lead at the Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S).

Prior to TI-S, Jorge supported transitions to democracy as International IDEA’s Head of the Global Programme on Political Parties (2016-2018) and the Head of Mission to Myanmar (2014-2016), among other roles. His work supported leaders from politics, society, and government to carry out democratic reforms in countries from Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Back home in Peru, he joined the Asociación Civil Transparencia since its establishment in 1995 -to advocate the return to democratic elections, interrupted in 1992. With Transparencia he contributed to the domestic electoral observation effort that documented widespread irregularities in Peru’s 2000 elections. In the 2001 transitional elections, Jorge was Transparencia’s Election Monitoring Coordinator. In 2002, he was part of the Technical Secretariat that convened the national dialogue leading to Peru’s National Accord. Later he led Transparencia’s facilitation of consensus building on several political reforms, among them the 2003 Political Parties Law.

Jorge supports democratic innovations through randomly selected citizen assemblies and representation of diffuse interests.

Jorge is BA in Law (PUCP, Lima) and MA in Development Studies -Democracy and Government (ISS, Den Haag). He has authored, co-authored and edited several works, including Politics Meets Policies, Democratic Accountability in Service Delivery, ‘The changing nature of political parties and representation’, among others.

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