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Jurgis Didžiulis

Jurgis Didžiulis is from Lithuania and Colombia. He is an artistic Activist, Corporate Edutainer, Inspirational Troubadour, Purposeful Performer, Motivational Musician.

Jurgis Didžiulis (aka Jurgis DID) is hard to pin down with conventional labels since he combines musical performance, motivational speaking, stand-up comedy and interactive co-creation to forge exceptional participative experiences. Lithuanian/Columbian musician transcends genres and formats gracefully with a subversively innovative mindset focused on empowering people and elevating our collective awareness. Although what Jurgis does is unique, natural and fluid, it defies straight-forward description due to its myriad interpretations and numerous applications.

By mixing his passion for music and social phenomenon, Jurgis proves that an artist can do much more than just entertain; he can enlighten, catalyse, and make a transformative impact.

A famous Lithuanian performer always cooks with the same ingredients, but he’ll mix them differently depending on the people, place, and circumstances. That is why the same cocktail of creative interaction and enlightening oratory could be considered to be a team-building activity or an interactive musical seminar by some, and meaningful fun by others.

“I am driven by a mission to elevate consciousness and conscientiousness at a time when human skills, emotional intelligence, and a culture of community are pivotal for humanity; more important than ever for our shared future and the people that wish to thrive in it.”

His colourful cultural heritage and a professional background that includes Eurovision and EU consultant allows him to sincerely connect with very different audiences, ranging from arenas packed with thousands of tech-heads and corporate suits to royal receptions and kindergartens alike.

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