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Kristina Reinsalu

Kristina Reinsalu is from Estonia. She works as a Program Director of e-Democracy at e-Governance Academy.

Kristina has been involved in several local and international research and implementation projects related to open governance and the use of ICT in implementing its principles, focusing on e-participation and its implementation at the local level. Program Director of e-Democracy was also a researcher and a lecturer on social communication at the Institute of Media and Communication at the University of Tartu.

Reinsalu’s latest projects include promoting open governance in countries such as Estonia, Georgia and Moldova, fighting against corruption in Moldova, and consulting various municipalities on participatory budgeting. In addition, she has contributed to several publications, e.g. the “Situation Review on e-Democracy and Cyber Security in Eastern Partnership Countries.

Kristina holds an MA in Public Relations and a PhD in Media and Communications. Her articles have been published in various international scientific journals and newspapers.

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