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Margarita Švedkauskienė

Margarita Švedkauskienė is the Head of the Strategic Analysis Division, Analytical Anti-Corruption Intelligence Department at the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania.

Currently Margarita is in charge of managing and providing leadership to the Strategic Analysis Division, as well as providing expertise on conducting analytical anti-corruption intelligence in detecting corruption risks and threats, conducting criminological research in the area of corruption, PEST and SWOT analysis for anti-corruption, monitoring and assessment of the national anti-corruption programme, drafting anti-corruption policy recommendations, participating in anti-corruption evidence-based policy making. Margarita’s main areas of interest are corruption risk analysis, corruption prevention, evidence-based criminal justice policy, and public criminology.

Margarita has been teaching sociology and criminology at Vilnius University. Previously, she held the position of an Acting Director and Research Fellow at the Law Institute of Lithuania, She pursued her postdoctoral research on justice reinvestment at the University of Lausanne, School of Criminal Justice. She is also a former Fulbright Scholar, and Associate Editor of the European Journal of Criminology.

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