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Valeriia Voshchevska

Valeriia Voshchevska is from Ukraine. She is the global social media manager for Amnesty International.

Valeriia is a strong believer that social media is not all about letting people know what you had for breakfast or how many times a day you have exercised. She wants to show everyone that social media has an incredible mobilizing capacity, which has given a chance to millions of people to have their voices heard. Valeriia thinks that it is time for people to stop denying that social media has allowed for change to happen and has played a central role in the rise of a new and unprecedented wave of activism.

Previously, she was the social media editor of Newsweek, running the global social media strategy for the publication. She also ran the social media accounts for United Nations Volunteers in Ukraine, after having studied international relations at the University of St Andrews and International Conflict Studies at King’s College London.

Valeriia also writes about international security, social media, women in conflict and mental health.

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