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Other schools

Our colleagues at Transparency International also organize a number of summer schools and courses all across the world.

Anti-corruption Summer School in Russia

Transparency International Russia together with the National Research University – Higher School of Economics have created an interdisciplinary laboratory on anti-corruption policy (LAP HSE), which offers to undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to learn and discuss corruption-related issues. The language of Summer School is Russian.

For more information, please contact TI Russia @ or visit

Integrity Camp in Cambodia

Transparency International Cambodia organised its first youth camp on “Youth Empowerment for Transparency and Integrity” in January 2013 to engage citizens and young people in creating demand for transparency, greater social accountability and social justice. This camp was aimed at raising awareness about transparency, integrity and the causes and consequences of corruption on the politics and economic development of Cambodia. Youth and potential young leaders from youth organisations, high schools and universities across Cambodia were encouraged to apply to participate in this youth camp. Youth leaders were coached to disseminate what they have learnt from the camp to their peers in their respective provinces.

For more information, please contact TI Cambodia @ or visit

Mike Manning Youth Democracy Camp in Papua New Guinea

The annual Mike Manning Youth Democracy Camp focuses on instilling a higher level of integrity in society as stated in Papua New Guinea’s constitution. It is organized by Transparency International Papua New Guinea. The concept of the Camp was developed by the Chapter in 2008 as a way of dealing with declining faith in the democratic process and the rule of law due to rampant and unchecked corruption and poor governance of the country. The camp targets and recruits likely future national leaders, putting them through ten days of what is in essence a combined first year curriculum of law, economics, political science and media degrees by way of an intensive set of presentations, skill building sessions and leadership scenario simulations.

For more information, please contact TI Papua New Guinea @ or visit

Youth Leadership Camp in Vietnam

The Youth Leadership Training Camp was held from 31 October to 3 November 2012 in Hanoi and Hoa Binh Province. The training camp was specially designed for 20 core members of the Youth Box Channel – a youth integrity initiative supported by Transparency International, Towards Transparency and Hoa Sen University. A series of individual coaching, mentoring and online training sessions were held leading up to the training camp to develop Youth Box into a fully autonomous team. Whilst the preceding coaching and online training sessions focused on personal development, the training camp emphasized team-building and practical skills such as effective communication, advocacy planning and campaigning.

For more information, please contact Towards Transparency Vietnam @ or visit

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