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Gavin Hayman

Gavin Hayman is the Executive Director of the Open Contracting Partnership.

Previously, Gavin worked as the Executive Director and Director of Campaigns of Global Witness. He oversaw the  award-winning investigative, campaigning and advocacy work uncovering secret deals, corruption and conflict around the world at Global Witness. He helped create the international Publish What You Pay campaign and helped negotiate the intergovernmental Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative that brings together oil and mining companies, home- and host-governments and civil society to improve disclosure and oversight of over 1 trillion dollars of oil and mining money.

He is an expert on illicit financial flows, and has helped lead global efforts to end the abuse of anonymous shell companies for money laundering and financial crime, including working with the British government’s recent presidency of the G8 and the Open Government Partnership.

He has a PhD from the University of Reading and has worked with Chatham House in London and the United National Environmental Programme in the past on analysing and investigating global environmental crime.

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