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Hera Hussain

Hera Hussain is from the UK. She is a young leader in the open data and open government community working as the Senior Advocacy Manager at the Open Contracting Partnership.

Hera catalyzes communities, journalists, and activists, helping them utilize open data and technological innovation to create positive social change around the globe. In her role with OCP, Hera works with a broad range of decision makers to influence policy based on robust evidence-based research. She collaborates with the helpdesk to help local partners overcome resistance and navigate political challenges. Also, she is assisting the communications team in building a portfolio of impact stories.

Previously, she lead OpenCorporates’ community and impact program, working with investigative journalists and NGOs using open company data. She is the co-Chair of UK Bond Anti-Corruption group. She is an active member of social innovation networks such as Wikipedia, MakeSense, Startingbloc, WEF’s Global Shapers, Yunus & Youth and runs the volunteer-led women’s rights group CHAYN. Hera is part of the OpenHeroines group which is a collective to highlight women’s role in the open data, open government, and civic tech movements.

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