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Lydia-José Prinsen

Lydia-José (Lydia) Prinsen is an Innovation Manager at the Chief Technology Office of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Lydia works daily on the organization’s R&D and innovation function.

One of the projects she works on is the cities project ‘Life cycle and quality framework of Algorithms’. Managing the life cycle of an algorithm refers to the process of “birth” and is managed from purchasing/development to the archiving or disposal stage of an algorithm. It is important to be aware of the use and supervision of algorithms and its regulation within the organization at any time within any stage. This to ensure that the digital human rights of Amsterdam’s citizens, entrepreneurs and visitors are safeguarded, while making use of the advantages that digitalization may bring to the city.

Lydia is intrinsic motivated to work on initiatives in which she can be a linking-pin between the social, ethical, technical and political aspects of the implications because of the use of data-driven technologies.

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